Business Travel Management Services


Strategic Account Management

For a travel program to derive greater value and drive lower costs, it is critical to establish quantitative assessments. Many Travel Leaders' clients have a goal of controlling costs, while also maintaining suitable levels of services. In order to achieve this, metrics need to be established, deployed and monitored.

As part of our methodical operating procedure, we focus on a number of the following management practices:

1. Business Plans

Successful businesses are based on a well-planned and documented approach. This approach can yield significant financial and operational benefits.

At Travel Leaders, we believe that business plans provide the road map for the travel management company and the client to establish mutually agreed upon goals and accountabilities which are essential to every successful travel program.

Let us demonstrate how a focused business plan can deliver tangible benefits and a significant ROI.

Corporate Travel Management Services


2. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Including behavioral change management metrics as part of a business strategy can be integral to achieving a client's program goals. As part of this process, Travel Leaders partners with our clients to identify key performance indicators with established measurement criteria.

KPIs can be used to measure many aspects of business travel, including:

  • Supplier optimization and performance
  • Traveler behavior, including online adoption, advance purchase of airline tickets, use of lowest logical fares
  • Key services provided by your travel management company, including management of nonrefundable ticket banks, customer satisfaction, service inquiry resolution and emergency services

3. Daily Vendor Advocacy

Determining the key suppliers who can help your travel program achieve its goals is an important management practice. However, once suppliers are chosen and a strategy is developed, the real test for a travel management company is implementing and managing the strategy.

As your business partner, Travel Leaders commits to being your advocate on a daily basis, whether it is:

  • Preferencing booking tools
  • Enforcing your travel policy
  • Conducting training programs
  • Advocating on your behalf with suppliers
  • Solving traveler challenges

We take great pride in the results we achieve on your behalf with our customized solutions and personalized approach.