Business Travel Management Services


1. Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

SLAs are valuable for setting the framework for how the travel management company and the client should perform during the term of their agreement. Service metrics, timeliness of reports and accuracy of billing and invoices are among the performance items that can be included in your company's business travel management plan.

Travel Leaders also believes that SLAs offer the potential for collaboration toward mutually beneficial goals. Where there is a shared opportunity and joint initiatives between the travel management company and the client, it makes good business sense to develop a plan with the potential for both partners to financially benefit.

2. Client Reviews

Just as it is critical to have regular health checkups, it is equally critical to take the time and review the status of your business travel program and look for future opportunities to enhance your program.

Travel Leaders client reviews are NOT:

  • A data dump
  • Pages of granular information
  • All about the past
  • Boring!

Travel Leaders client reviews ARE:

  • A reflection of the joint accomplishments of both travel management company and client
  • Observations regarding the business travel industry and your program's past, or lagging, performance
  • Recommendations for the future, leading, development
  • Informative, compelling and thought provoking


Travel Leaders systematic approach to program management is highlighted in our review process; a clearly articulated and delivered executive summary of the key and pertinent information and statistics that will provide insights into:

  • Current industry trends and opportunities
  • Comparative performance metrics
  • Assessment of travel management company performance: We will clearly articulate the value delivered by Travel Leaders. Finding optimal pricing is only the beginning for Travel Leaders. For us it is all about the incremental value we deliver through our customized strategies and dedication to our clients. 
  • Travel program performance
    • Return on Investment - what we delivered
    • Total Cost of Ownership - lagging achievements and leading opportunities to reduce your spend in the business travel category

Corporate Travel Management Services