Corporate Travel Management Services


Travel Leaders Global

Travel Leaders Global is a network of leading travel management companies in more than 80 countries worldwide. Our global partners possess a deep commitment to personal service that begins with a hands-on approach and is delivered to customers by experienced consultants.

Travel Leaders Global principle is based on providing excellent culturally sensitive services in each country while applying innovative technology and concepts to bring all elements of our service delivery together at a global level. Rather than working with a static network of fixed offices in fixed locations, our global network is dynamic and flexible and can be adapted to address our customer's specific needs around the globe

Travel Leaders Global serves customers of all sizes, but offers special travel management benefits to growing mid-market companies that demand a global reach and responsive service. We guarantee a level of dedication and commitment to servicing customers that is unique in the industry.


Multinational Travel Management, Dedicated Locally

Travel Leaders both addresses the current dynamics of the travel industry and offers an established long-term solution. We are a proven stable player with a network concept that is fully capable of handling our customers' global, regional and national needs. One important issue we have addressed is the widespread perception that only wholly-owned networks can provide quality services, stability and continuity. The demise of many of the established global brands has demonstrated this vividly in the last three years. "Multinational Travel Management, Delivered Locally" describes how we look at handling international customers.

In the US, clients are serviced by Travel Leaders' wholly owned operations. For the clients outside the US, Travel Leaders works with our partners to provide local servicing for each location. From an account management and consultative perspective, programs are led by a US based global account manager who is the central point of contact for each internationally-based account manager. Aggressive SLAs are in place to ensure consistent levels of service are met. Travel Leaders acts as the "data consolidator" by receiving "data hand-offs" from our partners. We cleanse the data and standardize it to obtain total, consolidated global data to be used in vendor negotiations for clients' enterprise-wise.